2022 Endorsed Candidates

Our Fall Endorsements Alert - Hold the Line

With your help, we spent the spring and early summer focusing on our 16 alumni running this cycle (10 in highly competitive races) in newly drawn districts not finalized until early this year. We also have three retiring alumni (Representatives Ager, Richardson, Turner) whose successors are poised to provide exceptional leadership.

In recent months though, we’ve again identified and started endorsing top challengers & candidates running in incumbentless districts.

Today, we complete our slate of new candidates, 10 strong

They are vital to “Hold the Line” for Governor Cooper's veto and reproductive rights, and to vigorously support public education and forward-looking initiatives that have made North Carolina a beacon in the south. 

We wholeheartedly endorse:

Valerie Jordan (SD3) was raised in the tobacco fields of Warren County. She later paid her way through NC Central University. She was appointed by Governor Cooper and is the first African-American woman to serve on the NC Department of Transportation board. 

Marcia Morgan, Ph.D. (SD7) of New Hanover County is a retired Air Force colonel and ROTC instructor who served two tours at the Pentagon. She’s committed to supporting our environment, public education, equality, and the economy.

Mary Wills Bode (SD18) is a Wake County native and Granville County resident, non-profit executive director, and attorney. She’s a longtime advocate for nonpartisan redistricting reform and of bipartisan solutions, and has headlined Now or Never NC events in the past.  

Ray Jeffers (HD2) is a Person County native and graduate of NC A&T State University. In 2008, he became the youngest county commissioner in North Carolina, serving 12 years, including as Chairman, President of the NC Association of County Commissioners, and five terms on the National Association of Counties board.  

Amy Block DeLoach (HD20) is a Wilmington native with deep roots of service. Her grandmother was Mayor Pro Tempore, her father a State Senator. Amy’s charted her own path, serving on numerous impactful nonprofit boards, including President of PTAs and current President of Bnai Israel Congregation.

Christine Kelly (HD37) grew up in a small, interconnected town in Canada. She and her family have made Holly Springs home since 1992. She served four years on the Holly Springs Town Council, leading successful efforts to recruit new small businesses.

Frances Jackson, Ph.D. (HD45) of Hope Mills hasextensive experience in state and local government. She’s a former high school teacher, county magistrate, and transportation and community planner in Cumberland County.  

Diamond Staton-Williams (HD73) is a registered nurse (graduate of UNCG and Pfeiffer) and member of the Harrisburg Town Council in Cabarrus County. Her nonprofit board and volunteer service has been focused on mental health and child achievement, including Communities in Schools, a program in which she participated as a youth.  

Carla Catalan Day (HD74) is a graduate of West Forsyth High School and Western Carolina University. She returned to Winston-Salem to begin her public health career (Maternal Child Health Educator) and for her husband to start in law enforcement. Her campaign is rooted in the working class values of her experience and district.  

Laura Budd (HD103) grew up in an Air Force family. She’s a graduate of Wake Forest Law School, a managing partner in her Matthews-area law firm, and a member of the Matthews Chamber of Commerce. Her nonprofit service includes the Mecklenburg County Bar Association board and helping lead recreational sports and gymnastics organizations.

You know the stakes.

Please financially support these exceptional candidates (click this link) and/or volunteer via the candidate websites listed within it.


July 2022

We’re on the cusp of announcing a new slate of endorsed candidates for 2022 beyond existing alumni listed below, but there are 3 very important candidacies for which endorsements cannot wait.

These are our first non-alumni endorsements of the 2022 election cycle!

All 3 candidates support reproductive rights and are running against opponents who do not.

We’re grateful to have worked with each of these candidates in various capacities in prior cycles, and to have experience in their districts as well.

Needless to say, we’re particularly grateful for their candidacies, and are honored to endorse them today. A highly-talented triumvirate.

HD45 (Cumberland County) – Dr. Frances Jackson is a former high school teacher, county magistrate, and transportation and community planner. Her extensive experience in state and local government will make her an excellent member of the NC House of Representatives. We were thankful to support her campaign in 2020.  Now, she’s running in a more favorable district. 

SD18 (Wake and Granville Counties) – Mary Wills Bode is a North Carolina native, non-profit executive director, and attorney. She’s a long time advocate for nonpartisan redistricting reform and of bipartisan solutions, and has headlined Now or Never NC events in the past. This is her first run for elective office. SD 18 is a newly-drawn district, for which there is no incumbent.  

SD7 (New Hanover County) – Marcia Morgan is a retired Air Force colonel, and ROTC instructor who served two tours at the Pentagon. She’s committed to supporting our environment, public education, equality, and the economy. She was selected to run for NC Senate earlier this month after the previous candidate dropped out of the race, a nod to Marcia’s experience in very close races for NC House in prior cycles. Though she’s getting a later start this cycle, she undoubtedly has the foundation to win.

ENDORSE: We heartily endorse Frances, Mary Wills, and Marcia. Please join us in supporting their campaigns financially or via volunteer efforts. 


March 2022

Over four election cycles, Now or Never NC has backed top challengers in the most competitive State Legislative districts to Break the Supermajority, with special thanks to exceptional candidates, their campaigns, and you.

Our alumni now comprise one-third of the Democratic Caucus in State House!

They won seats battling political forces that sought to steer North Carolina away from our forward-looking trajectory as a beacon in the South, and leader in the nation.

Following decennial redistricting, and a presently difficult political environment, our first goal is to protect those gains.

In 2022, their candidacies are our utmost priority, to “Hold the Line” to prevent a Supermajority’s return.

ENDORSED. We’re supremely grateful to endorse our 16 alumni running in new State House and Senate districts. 

We’ve established our “Hold the Line” link on ActBlue to facilitate direct investments in their candidacies.

We’re on a journey home to the forward-looking North Carolina we know. To get there, please join us in making initial investments in these candidacies today.  

Resources: For more information on our endorsed candidates, please see:

Gale Adcock (SD 16) - www.galeadcock.com

Sydney Batch (SD 17) - www.sydneybatch.com

Rachel Hunt (SD 42) - www.rachelhunt.com

Brian Farkas (HD 9) - www.brianfarkas.com

Linda Cooper-Suggs (HD 24) - www.lindacoopersuggs.com

James Gailliard (HD 25) - www.jamesgailliard.com

Terence Everitt (HD 35) - www.terenceeveritt.com

Julie von Haefen (HD 36) - www.juliefornc.com

Joe John (HD 40) - www.joejohnnchouse.com

Cynthia Ball (HD 49) - www.cynthiafornc.com

Ricky Hurtado (HD 63) - www.rickyhurtado.org

Sarah Crawford (HD 66) - www.sarahfornc.com

Mary Belk (HD 88) - www.marybelk.com

Christy Clark (HD 98) - www.christyclarknc.com

Brandon Lofton (HD 104) - www.loftonfornc.com

Wesley Harris (HD 105) - www.harrisfornc.com



We’re grateful for North Carolinians stepping up in even more difficult districts, putting their names on the line in support of the state we know and love. We’re excited to offer “grassroots” endorsements to these accomplished individuals and civic & business leaders.


Read more about their winnable race candidacies by clicking the links on this page. 

Thank you.

Now or Never NC