Envision victory: Prepare to sprint

“Politics is the science of human happiness - and the felicity of societies depends on the constitutions of government under which they live."

- Founding Father, John Adams, writing in early 1776 in response to a request from drafters of North Carolina’s Constitution, some of whom would go on to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Five years ago this summer, volunteers across North Carolina started working on a plan to help Break the State Legislative Supermajority and restore balance and moderation to the forward-looking State we’ve known, culminating in the formation of Now or Never NC.

We’ve backed 7 new State House members thus far, a majority of whom are women or African-American.    

On Memorial Day, we remembered those who have died in service to our nation. Every day, we honor their sacrifices by exercising the freedoms they helped secure, freedoms enshrined in our federal and State Constitutions.

Today, the unconstitutionally-gerrymandered Supermajority is ramming through a $24 Billion budget released by them just last night, without input or debate for the first time in recent history.

As in the past, we’re in a political struggle for the heart and soul of our State and nation, and we choose to fight here at home.

With 5 years behind us, and the election just 5 months away, we’re envisioning victory, inspired by the words of John Adams, incredible candidates, and your ongoing support. 

Together, we’re built for this moment, and we’re preparing for the sprint to the finish, lifting up and endorsing candidates across the State, and engaging with North Carolinians and friends of the Tar Heel State across the nation.

So, rest up. Prepare to sprint, with victory in mind. 

(May 29, 2018)