Why North Carolina

The North Carolina we have known, under Democratic & Republican Governors such as Terry Sanford, Jim Martin, and Jim Hunt, has been a forward-looking beacon in the South, and leader in the nation.  While not perfect, a State generally on an upward trajectory, focused on investing in people.

In 2008, Barack Obama carried North Carolina, the first Democratic presidential candidate to do so since Jimmy Carter.

Following gerrymandering in violation of The United States Constitution, however, State Legislators in North Carolina took a hard turn to the right, imposing horrendous policy and placing our State in national - and international - headlines for all the wrong reasons; buoyed by (unconstitutionally garnered) supermajorities in both Legislative Chambers.  

Over the last three election cycles, Democrats, Independents, and mainstream Republicans have helped North Carolina get back on track, flipping almost two dozen State Legislative seats; Now or Never NC is grateful to have 18 "alumni" among them!

In 2018, North Carolina voters helped Break the Supermajority, to underpin our new Governor's vetoes of horrendous legislation.  The partisan make-up of the State's Legislative bodies is now 55 to 65 in the House (5 seats to parity), and 29 to 21 in the Senate (4 seats to parity). 

In 2020, both the State House & Senate are within reach.  It's the final election before decennial redistricting, made all the more important in the absence (to-date) of redistricting reform.  And with far reaching implications, given North Carolina's pivotal role in national elections.

Last cycle, our endorsed candidates raised on average approximately $575,000; they all won.  As donors and doers, our contributions can have an out-weighted impact on State Legislative races in North Carolina, at this pivotal moment in our nation's history.

Thank you.