Why North Carolina

The North Carolina we have known is a forward-looking beacon in the South, and leader in the nation. While not perfect, a State generally on an upward trajectory, focused on investing in people.

Why North Carolina

With 16 electoral votes, NC plays a pivotal role in national politics, and our population continues to rapidly grow and demographically change. In 2008, NC helped elect President Obama, and we have remained a solidly “purple state.” But unconstitutional gerrymandering - and related extremism - started to change that on the Legislative level over the past decade. That’s why we formed.

About Now or Never NC

Formed in 2013 as a grassroots effort, our mission is to support candidates who are tireless advocates for public education, redistricting reform, and fair elections. In light of the overturning of Roe v. Wade and reinstatement of a 20-week abortion ban here, we added women’s reproductive rights to our platform. Over four election cycles, we have helped flip 19 seats. Our alumni comprise one-third of the House Democratic Caucus.

2018 & 2020 Elections

In 2018, the US Supreme Court ordered our Legislature to redraw districts due to unconstitutional racial gerrymandering. Illegal gerrymanders are how a Legislative Supermajority remained in power despite wins by Democrats in statewide races in 2016, including now two-term Governor Roy Cooper. With redrawn districts, we broke the Supermajority in both chambers in 2018, and sustained gains in 2020, despite multiple trips by the former President in the final stretch of the election.

2022: Hold The Line to Prevent Supermajorities & Abortion Bans

Following 2020 redistricting, Now or Never NC’s first focus is to “hold the line” to prevent Supermajority return. We are focused on 10 alumni running in highly competitive districts. We are also focused on a handful of additional races that include portions of former alumni districts or where demographics warrant strategic focus. Many of our candidates are women running against men who will vote to ban abortion, unless we stop them.

High Impact Contribution, Restore Sanity

These campaigns are not as expensive as major metropolitan races, and your contribution can have an impact. Winning challengers we supported in recent cycles raised on average $475,000 in 2016, $575,000 in 2018, and $660,000 in 2020. Please help us restore the forward-looking North Carolina we know. Contributions can be made via our website or by check payable to "Now or Never NC."

Thank you.