Important: Candidate selection criteria - Women’s Reproductive Rights

August 2022

Now or Never NC is announcing an important change to its candidate selection criteria to add women’s reproductive rights.

Until recent weeks, we’ve asked prospective endorsed candidates to affirm strong support for public education, redistricting reform, voting rights, and appreciation for the role of local government. 

But tragically, as we know, the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade. Many women across the country have already had their fundamental right to reproductive decision-making taken away. 

In North Carolina, abortion remains legal, though critical decisions will now be made by extreme State Legislators in Raleigh, especially if they regain a Supermajority.

Yet, there’s more.

This week, a federal judge reinstated a North Carolina ban on abortion after 20 weeks. And State Legislative “leaders” say they will eliminate women’s reproductive rights when the Legislature returns in January. 

That will happen if we cannot sustain Governor Cooper’s vetoes.

For this reason, Now or Never NC formally adds support for women’s reproductive rights as a fifth criteria for endorsed candidates.

Women must have decision-making over their own bodies.

The North Carolina we have known is a forward-looking beacon in the South, and leader in the nation. For almost a decade, our trajectory has been and remains in jeopardy. 

With phenomenal candidates, their campaigns, and you, we’ve helped blunt the tide and flip more than 15 State Legislative seats. 

In 2022, please join us in supporting our alumni and grounded challengers to protect women’s rights and prevent Supermajority return.

Now more than ever, it’s now or never.