A Defining Moment

It’s with heavy hearts and fierce determination that we write to denounce the 12-week abortion ban passed by the Legislature over our Governor’s veto.  

We’re deeply disappointed that these legislators believe they can continue to enact an extreme agenda without the will of the people. And that they’re emboldened by recent decisions of our state Supreme Court on redistricting and voting rights in the lead up to this assault on reproductive rights. 

Of all the harmful steps this Legislature has taken over the past ten years, and there are legions, this may be the most dangerous, and the most stark warning for what they hope North Carolina will become.

Our response is a defining moment for us as North Carolinians.

We decide now whether this is our rallying cry or our whimper.  

Today, we choose to politically fight here at home, for the State we know and love. Please join us!

We’re equipped for this moment. We’re sufficiently of one mind, experienced, and resolved to help right these wrongs. It may not happen overnight, but we’re fighting back now. 

Let’s work together to win seats, force balance, and restore the forward-looking North Carolina we know.

Now or Never NC