Chef Sunny, Shannon, Jake, David - Feeding the Soul

Recent weeks have been a strain on us all, though for some more than others. It’s been a monumentally difficult time for restauranteurs and their employees, many of whom have utilized their talents and labored to help Now or Never NC flip numerous seats over three election cycles.

No one has done more than Chef Sunny Gerhart of St. Roch Fine Oysters + Bar in downtown Raleigh.  Among other things, he’s personally presided over four chef-led events to benefit various candidates who are now great Legislators.

When reached by phone recently, Chef Sunny’s main concern was for his employees, all now laid off.  He’s put his entire life savings into the restaurant, named after the neighborhood in which he grew up in New Orleans.  He does not have kids and indicates he can live off very little, though he wants there to be something that his employees can come back to. 

Thankfully, he’s still offering take-out daily at St. Roch from 11am-8pm.  Call 919.322.0359 or walk-up order at 223 South Wilmington Street in Raleigh.  You can also place an online order here or purchase a gift card (click "Order Online"). 

Also steadfast have been Shannon & Chef Jake Wolf of Capital Club 16, and David Meeker of Trophy Brewing.  Shannon, Jake, and David have always answered the call to work with Now or Never NC for boutique events.  They have been unwavering.  

Capital Club 16 & Trophy Brewing are part of a win-win effort spearheaded by Jai Kumar, to help these great establishments feed our healthcare workers in this time of crisis.  It’s called “Feeding the Soul,” and you can learn more and donate by clicking this link.

Sunny, Shannon, Jake, and David are examples of how North Carolinians have utilized various talents to help restore the forward-looking North Carolina we know: a beacon in the South, leader in the nation, and light in the world.

Well wishes to you for good health and safety as we pull together, individually and collectively, to meet the challenge before us.

Now or Never NC

P.S. These are among the many chefs, artists, and establishments impacted by this crisis, all of whom have graciously shared their talents and venues to help get us back on track. Snap Pea Catering, The Connells, Jon Shain, Rod Abernethy, and so many others have been vital to this work. Let's all do our part.