Guiding principles for selecting candidates

Here are some guiding principles we will be using for selecting the NCGA candidates we will be supporting.

We support leaders who:

Understand our State’s history of support for public education, technological advancement, and its people, infrastructure, and natural resources.

Will make well-informed, rational decisions and engage in principled compromise in the best interest of the State.

Will forcefully and tirelessly advocate for public education on every level, reform the redistricting process, protect early voting, have an appreciation for a government closest to its people, and pursue other sensible initiatives based upon their life experience.

Will protect and enhance our State’s reputation as the best place to live, raise a family, educate a child, build a business, and pursue the American Dream, and will have us in the national and international headlines for those reasons.

Are independent, forward-looking, and outside-the-box thinkers who will apply their knowledge, skills and abilities to find responsible, innovative solutions to our State’s most pressing concerns.