Legislative Disasters: Special Suggestion - Do No Harm

Despite hollow protestations from vulnerable State Legislators to the contrary, our citizens have been on the receiving end of unwanted advances from an overreaching disaster of a Legislative body.  Whenever wise investment has been needed to advance our people, or North Carolinians need a hand up, our Legislature has responded with one misguided move after the other, and recently another one came to light.

Hurricane Matthew has decimated part of our State, and we are reminded that our “leaders” raided the our State’s “rainy day fund” of $500,000 needed for disaster relief.  Our elected officials are now contemplating a special session in Raleigh next week; the last time they did that they passed the unmitigated job-killing disaster that is HB2.  We have a suggestion (a "special suggestion" to the Legislature) for any special session: first do no harm. 

Please join us in supporting winnable race challengers who can break the Legislative supermajority and who will go about the actual business of restoring our State. 

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Now or Never NC