Trump districts - Heart & Soul

Make no mistake, the President & Vice President are making a play for North Carolina.

Both have been here this week, and they and their surrogates will continue to be in our state through the election. And the GOP National Convention starts later this month in Charlotte.

All our top challengers are running in districts the President won in 2016.

It’s true, thankfully, that in 2018 we (together) made great strides in electing challengers in many such districts.

It’s also true that a number of our 2020 endorsees ran phenomenal races and almost won last cycle, a strong indicator that some of the districts were trending in a favorable direction.

Some final good news is that our candidates now have the experience, top-tier managers, and you.

Still, we cannot be fooled. These races are — and will be — highly contested. In our experience over three election cycles, we’re talking about 300-900 votes.

This is a battle for the heart and soul of America, and we choose to fight politically here at home.

Individually and collectively, we know our time, talent, and financial resources have an outsized impact on these Legislative races.

Please join us. A busy fall awaits with many details forthcoming. In the meantime, reach out via [email protected], or call 919.283.4819 with any questions.

Thank you,

Now or Never NC

August 1, 2020