Mary Ann Brittain - A State as Good as its People

"The purpose of life is… to make a difference – to have it matter that you lived at all." - Mary Ann Brittain

One of our earliest encouragers, Mary Ann Brittain, has passed away. Today, we celebrate her life, one of immense purpose for the betterment of all.

For decades, Mary Ann worked in concert with others to make the natural environment come to life for school children and teachers at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and, with her late husband Bill, offered love to foster children and helped change the face of children's services in group homes. She also led a coach-pitch little league baseball team. We share her obituary here:

Mary Ann lived and worked in communities all across our State.  She knew the worth of each individual, and the impact that informed, committed North Carolinians can have to effect change.

North Carolina would not be where it is today, and our desire to rectify wrongs would not have been fueled as intensely as it was and remains, were it not for the tireless, often unheralded work and leadership of neighbors like Mary Ann Brittain. It’s why we’re committed to restoring forward-looking leadership to our State that has given us so much, a State as good as its people.

We send our sincere gratitude, prayers, and sympathy to the family of Mary Ann Cromer Powell Brittain. A neighbor who made a difference, whose example lives on.

It mattered that she lived.