Next Wave of Winnable Race Candidates: washing away division

Our journey home continues and the list of candidates who can return us to the North Carolina we know is expanding. 

As selected early this year, Now or Never NC’s initial wave of endorsed candidates for the State Legislature are running in the most winnable of districts based upon historical data (and strategically overlapping districts in the west and northeast): candidates Ball, Beasley, Judge, Schandevel, Futrell, and Hipps.

It is bittersweet to share with you that, because of the continued intransigence and boneheaded moves of our State Legislative “leaders”, and thankfully great challengers running exceptional campaigns in a Presidential election year, our electoral map for State Legislative seats is expanding!

Recently, we have compiled and shared information with you on increasingly competitive State House races, and met with emerging State Senate challengers who are now in a position to defeat incumbents. The result is that Now or Never NC anticipates making additional endorsements and statements of support in additional House and Senate races in the very near future.

In the meantime, please support our first wave of winnable race candidates: Ball, Beasley, Judge, and Schandevel for NC House,  and Futrell and Hipps for NC Senate.

Of course, even with positive trends, precision gerrymandering means there are no shoe-ins. Victories must be earned. So, will you join us? It’s Now or Never for North Carolina, and we’re going home.

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