Our Journey Home

In the coming weeks, we start our journey home to the North Carolina we know. Yes, there may be bumps along the way, though we know who we are, and we know where we’re going.

Election Day is less than ten weeks away, with early voting starting sooner. This Labor Day weekend, as we celebrate the contributions workers have made to our nation, let’s also take a moment to strategically plan for a destination: a North Carolina that is once again a forward-looking beacon in the South and leader in the nation.

In doing so, we recognize leaders past of both parties, and their extraordinary sacrifices and contributions not merely to improving themselves, but to those around them, their communities, and far far beyond. North Carolinians in our greatest tradition. 

By contrast, we know all too well the work of our State’s current “leaders”, and the litany of their senseless, self-inflicted wounds is too long and deep for us to stir over yet again.

There is real work to be done in North Carolina. Our citizens face numerous difficulties in their lives. Each circumstance is unique, though there are many common threads, none of which are solved by Legislators bent on destroying, among other things, public education, jobs, and Constitutionally-protected rights and opportunities.

It is for those reasons, and a grateful recognition of our own various opportunities and talents, that we band together for a purpose greater than ourselves: to reclaim and restore the North Carolina we know.

But we must earn it.

So, will you join us? It’s Now or Never for North Carolina, and we’re going home.

Now or Never NC

P.S. Please click here for a listing of - and to support - our 2016 endorsed candidates.

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